LCA Athletics Chaplaincy Program Hosts First-Ever Parent Event

LCA Athletics Chaplaincy Program Hosts First-Ever Parent Event
Last night, the LCA Athletics Chaplaincy program held the first-ever program geared toward being a Christian Sports Parent. Among the speakers were former LCA sports parent Joan Graybeal and Pastor David Prince of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church.
Mrs. Graybeal Spoke about wonderful topics pertaining to being a sports parent including:
  • Try to be Proactive and Prepared rather than Reactive and Regretful
  • God helped her child when he was cut from two different team by answering her 3 prayers:
    • Align our son with friends he needs
    • Encourage him the way God gifted him
    • Let him enjoy some success in athletics at LCA in some way
  • God shifted him into soccer which he hadn't ever thought about. That answered all three prayers in that way.
  • Pray with your child them, as well as for them.
  • Model for your kids in going to the Lord with your issues and questions.
  • Strategic Position at Games:
    • Our role as parents is to support and bless the players, coaches and referees.
    • People feed off each other good and bad.
    • Men and women often handle things differently. Mom's and dad's don't always need to sit together.
    • Consider sitting with someone from the opposing team.
      • Remember they are not the enemy. It's easy to get caught up in it.
      • Life is about relationships, first with the Lord and then with others.

Pastor David Prince of the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, father of 8 and an LCA parent, then spoke to the group about the Biblical basis for sports as it pertains to us as parents. Most topics were covered in his book, entitled "In the Arena: The Promis of Sports in Christian Discipleship."

You can watch the video in its entirety below:

Reviews were terrific and was the latest in Athletic Chaplain Keith Galloway's efforts to help coaches, parents and student-athletes ensure we are keeping Christ in the center of everything we do in Athletics.