Girls Swimming & Diving

Swim/Dive Teams Start the Season Off Full of Promise

Swim/Dive Teams Start the Season Off Full of Promise

The Swim Team started the 2015-2016 season with an influx of talent.  Coming off a season full of injuries, this was a pleasant surprise.  This talent has allowed the team to be far more competitive from a depth standpoint. 

The depth is young and inexperienced - having to learn on a trial-by-fire basis. From a practice standpoint, the Eagles have gone back to basics and laid the ground-work of what it means to participate at the high school varsity level. 

Doing so has led the team to a 2-3 record so far and a 7th place finish in the City Meet.  Recently, the hard work at practice and dryland (conditioning) has seen gains.  As a whole, the team dropped time in all of their events. 

They are getting stronger and seeing the fruits of their hard work.  Now heading into the Christmas season, the Eagles will practice a bit longer, harder and more consistently.  Those gains will become leaps in January when they start 2016 with the Private School City Meet on January 9th.