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2018-2019 Banner Forms

Welcome to the Banner Sales program for LCA!  The purpose of the program is to provide an avenue for students and          parents who would like help meeting costs of programs outside of tuition costs.  Examples might be: mission trips, athletic fees, or class trips. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Send an email to   banners@lexingtonchristian.org.  State the name of the business you are going to contact.

We will send a response back (usually within 24 hours) indicating whether that business has already been contacted or has an existing banner.

  1. Wait for the response from the email. 
  2. Once you have the OK, download the Banner Sales Contract form from the website.
  3. Take your contract to the business and get them to put the correct information on the form.
  4. Turn the completed form and the payment in to Faith Hacker in the Central Business Office.  She will handle it from there.
  5. Your account will be credited this way:

Example 1:   ABC Company wants a banner.  All banners are $500.  They pay the $500, we take the cost of producing the sign away and split the remaining money.  $500 - $85 = $415   $415/2 = $207.50.  You will earn a credit of $207.50.  (Note that different size banners cost different amounts to produce)

Example 2:   Dr. Smith has enjoyed having a banner at LCA every year.  He wants to renew his existing banner.  He pays the $500.  There is no cost to produce a new banner.  So the split is:  $500/2 = $250.  You will earn a credit of $250.

Example 3:   Dr. Smith likes having a banner at LCA but wants to change the location.  He pays the $500.  We will have to produce a new banner fit for the new location.  His new banner costs $68 to produce.  So the split is:  $500 - $68 =$432.  $432/2 = $216.  You will earn a credit of $216.

  1. Please keep in mind that a 1099 form will be sent to any family who earns over $600 in credits, in accordance with IRS regulations.


Please make checks payable to LCA, attach to this form and mail to:

Lexington Christian Academy

c/o Banner Sales

450 West Reynolds Road

Lexington, KY 40503

Questions? Call @ 859-422-5700


Business and Contact Information:

Ex: Soccer Field, Football Field...
Ex: Boys Soccer, Volleyball...
Copy and Paste URL if you have one. If not send a file of your logo to banners@lexingtonchristian.org.
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