The LCA Junior High Athletics  and Youth programs are the most pivotal part of our athletics program. They are the "life-blood" and future of our programs. We take them very seriously as an important part of what we do.

Though competitive success at the high school level is a very important part of the programs, they are designed to serve a multitude of purposes for our student-athletes, such as:

  1. Develop skills and fundementals to feed the LCA high school programs
  2. Teach and foster teamwork and hard work as ingredients for success
  3. Allow each child to learn about the skills and abilities God has given them

We seek out the best coaches we can find to nurture these talents and ease the student-athletes into the world of competitive athletics. Competitive athletics is a place where children can learn great lessons, including hard work, competition and team work. Though playing time is not guaranteed, our junior high and youth programs slowly integrate that mentality as the student-athletes get older.

By the time a student-athlete reaches high school, they will understand that sports is a place where hard work, dedication and practice dictate success on and off the field of play. While these are not always easy lessons for children to learn, we feel God has bestowed unique talents to every person and He wants us to use those gifts to the best of our abilities.